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What Is Destination Dentistry?

When it comes to rebuilding your dental health and reclaiming your confidence with a gorgeous smile, you deserve the best. Crafting strong, beautiful dental implants that look and feel completely natural takes skill. It also takes the most up-to-date dental technology and a practice that can give you the comprehensive care you need. But what if that kind of practice doesn’t exist near you? What if the cost of dental implants near you is just too high?
Destination dentistry is a recent phenomenon that has allowed patients to get the care they want by travelling to the best practitioners. In today’s world, you don’t have to be limited to just the dentists in your hometown. Here at Smiling Dental, patients come from all over North America to get the quality care, open communication, and affordable treatments they need.
If you’re considering destination dental care, be sure to do your homework! I’ve seen too many patients make a poor choice without doing their homework and regret it later. Unfortunately, there are dentists out there who want to sell treatments, regardless of whether it’s right for your case. They might offer an attractive price tag or talk up how great your results will be, but just end up costing you a lot of money, time, stress, and discomfort.
That’s why we offer complimentary dental implant consultations. You’ll get a complete diagnostic work-up, the best diagnostic imaging, and an honest conversation about what you can realistically expect from your treatment. That’s why we’ve become a top dental destination for patients who want the best care!

We hope that with each visit to our dental practice we get to know you a little bit better.

Expedient Care with Excellent Results

We understand many of our patients travel a long way to seek destination dental care with us. That’s why we offer services with consideration for the time and effort involved in travelling for treatment. Teeth in a Day is a great option for many patients traveling for their dental care. Using the All-on-4® approach for dental implants, we’ll place a few strategic implant posts, and you’ll leave your appointment with a new set of teeth fixed in place that day. You’ll be able to smile and eat soft foods right away, and gradually return to a regular diet. You’ll take one more trip to our office about four to six months later so we can confirm your implants are completely healed and place your strong, beautiful permanent restorations! We help expedite your destination dental care with our in-house lab and advanced technology such as our 3D dental printer, which allows us to create restorations like Teeth in a Day right here in our office while you wait. With digital imaging, digital impressions, and completely computerized records, you’ll be able to take all our diagnostics with you wherever you go!

Take a trip to better dental health!

Call us to schedule your complimentary consultation and make Hamilton, ON your dental destination!

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Dr Michael Ling

Hi, I’m Dr. Michael Ling

Do you feel like no matter what you do, dentistry just doesn’t seem to work in your mouth?

Almost all of the people I meet have major dental problems, and have just about given up on dentistry… and dentists.

They’re tired of getting the same teeth fixed over and over and over again, and never making any progress.

They’re frustrated that no matter what they do, their teeth keep breaking and getting cavities.

And they’re sick of feeling judged and shamed every time they visit the dentist… as if it’s THEIR fault that their teeth are failing them.

Well… I’m here to promise you that there is hope for you.

If you’re ready to break the cycle of dental problems so you can finally smile again… we’ve got your back!

• You CAN have a smile that’s free from discomfort and embarrassment.

• You CAN eat whatever you want, without worrying about chewing your food or your teeth falling out.

• You CAN avoid dentures, and give yourself teeth that are rock-solid, permanent, and never need to be removed

How am I so confident? Because today’s dentistry has come so far that we can find a solution to ANY problem. Sometimes it’s harder, or takes longer, or requires some creative problem solving… but I can promise you that if it’s important enough to you, we can make it happen.

Hi, I’m Dr. Sorana Schneider

My promise to you: NO judgment and NO lectures… EVER.

Are you feeling frustrated by all the information out there about fixing your teeth?

It’s easy to feel overwhelmed and confused when you start talking to dentists or looking into your options for getting your smile back on track.

There’s too much dental terminology. Too many complicated treatment plans. Too much pressure to go ahead with treatment you don’t want or care about.

Well… I believe getting the smile you want should be easy.

It should be easy to understand what’s going on in your mouth… without needing a dental degree or dictionary.

Easy to know which options are a good idea for you… and which ones you might regret later on.

And easy to get what YOU want… not what your dentist thinks you SHOULD want.

My promise to you: NO judgment and NO lectures.

What you will find is a customized action plan to get you eating and smiling with confidence again, and that plan is the one that’s the best balance between what you want, what you need, and what you can afford.

If that sounds good to you… I can’t wait to meet you in person!


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