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Cost Of Dental Implants - Hamilton, ON

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Are you caught in the endless cycle of trying to fix your failing teeth? Bouncing between specialists and repeating treatments is a common experience that can cost you hours of frustration and thousands of dollars. Or maybe you feel like you have to settle for a “good enough” denture, even though you’ve had to get it adjusted and relined and replaced because the fit keeps changing.

There is another way! Dental implants are a versatile option we can use to restore full function and gorgeous esthetics to your smile, whether you’re missing one tooth, several teeth, or all your teeth. While the cost of dental implants might seem intimidating at first glance, we’re committed to delivering affordable dental implants to all our patients who need them. Your health and your confidence are worth investing in!

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Our Dental Implant Pricing Guarantee

Doing your homework on fixing your smile with dental implants? You can feel confident that you’re getting the best value for your hard earned money with our Pricing Guarantee.

Our Dental Implant Pricing Guarantee is simple:

If you have a quote from another dental office, we promise not only to match it, but to beat it by 15%.

How Much Are Dental Implants?

Find out how much you should expect to pay for dental implants in the Hamilton area. Plus learn tips and tricks for finding the right dentist and avoiding costly mistakes when fixing your smile.

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Don’t Settle for Good Enough

Not all methods for rebuilding your smile are created equal. There are a variety of different ways to replace your missing teeth, each of which has its own strengths and weaknesses. Part of giving you the best dental care is helping you make a fully informed decision so you can feel great about your smile.

Traditional, removable dentures and partial dentures are a very common way to replace missing teeth. They can be a great option for patients who need a cost-efficient way to get by. However, they leave a lot to be desired. Full and partial dentures can’t withstand the full force of normal chewing forces, meaning you may be restricted in your food choices. They can slip, shift, and fall out, and may need frequent maintenance and replacement to function. That initially appealing price tag gets more expensive in the long run.

Many patients come to us convinced that the average cost of dental implants is far higher than it actually is. Maybe you’ve talked to a family member who got one or two teeth replaced with implants. You might take that single tooth implant cost, multiply it by the number of teeth you’re missing, and figure that’s what your full mouth dental implants cost! Fortunately, that’s not the case. Using the strongest, most advanced materials and best surgical protocols, we can place several replacement teeth on just a few implant posts. We can even set a full arch of teeth on as few as four implants! This approach will deliver superior, lasting results and help make affordable dental implants a reality.

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Dental Implants Are a Versatile Solution for Your Tooth Problems!

We offer two main options for getting you out of dentures and into the comfort and confidence dental implants can offer. First, permanent implant dentures (also referred to as All-on-4®, All-on-6, or All-on-X) are securely screwed to your implant posts, so you can treat them just like your natural teeth. No soaking them overnight or worrying about them shifting or falling out, ever. They’re the strongest and most solid way to replace your missing teeth, so you’ll be able to chew any foods you want with comfort and smile with confidence.

Permanent implant bridges like this can replace any number of missing teeth. If you currently wear a partial denture, or you’re missing several teeth, we can craft a customized solution to address your unique situation.
Both permanent and removable solutions look fantastic, last a long time, and are much stronger than regular dentures. However, permanent full mouth dental implants cost a little more than the removable option because they use different materials.

The removable option is a great way we can offer affordable dental implants to our patients, although they’re not quite as comfortable and don’t have quite as much chewing power as the permanent solution. No matter which option is right for you, we’re confident you are going to love your new smile!


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The First Step to Your Dream Smile Is Your Complimentary Consultation

Dental implants could be the perfect solution for you. Unfortunately, they’re not for everyone. Patients who have gone a long time without replacing their missing teeth may not have enough bone structure to support implant posts. In many cases, we can build up the volume of the bone with procedures such as bone grafting. That’s what makes your comprehensive consultation so important. We’ll construct a detailed computer model of your complete dental anatomy, including the supporting bone structure. Then, we’ll have an honest conversation about what kind of results you can expect from dental implants based on the state of your oral health. We’ll also discuss all your potential options and how we can make the cost of dental implants work for you!

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