How Much Do

How Much Does All-On-4 Cost?

Are you contemplating All-On-4 full mouth dental implants as a solution to your broken down smile or poorly fitting dentures? If so, one of the biggest questions on your mind is likely the cost of this life-changing procedure. It’s only natural to want a clear idea of the financial investment involved in achieving that picture-perfect smile you’ve been dreaming of. In this comprehensive article, we’ll dive deep into the world of All-On-4 dental implants in the Hamilton, ON area, giving you a clear understanding of the costs involved and the factors that can impact them.

We’ll also explore the long-term costs associated with All-On-4 treatment, ensuring you have a complete picture of the investment before you take the leap.

So, if you’re ready to transform your smile (and life!), keep reading to get all the essential information you need to make an informed decision about All-On-4 dental implants.

Congratulations on taking the next step towards a healthier, brighter, more confident future! Now let’s get to the question everyone wants to know the answer to: What does All-On-4 cost?

How Much Does All-On-4 Cost?
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    1. What You Need to Know About All-On-4 Pricing

    A. The breakthrough solution of All-On-4 dental implants

    If you’re struggling with a broken-down smile or poorly fitting dentures, you’re likely searching for a better solution that lets you eat, smile, and live with confidence again. All-On-4 dental implants offer a cutting-edge alternative to traditional dentures and other full mouth dental solutions. This breakthrough method provides a full set of stable, natural-looking teeth supported by just four dental implants, giving you the confidence to smile, eat, and speak without worry.

    And the best part? All-On-4 is designed to reduce the number of implants used, avoiding major bone grafting, trips to the specialist, and the associated time, cost, and stress.

    Your new All-On-4 smile is done in one office, with one doctor, and in just one day!

    All-On-4 is a premium solution designed for individuals who suffer from debilitating dental problems and are in search of the very best that modern dentistry has to offer.

    Sounds amazing… but what does All-On-4 and full mouth dental implants cost in the Hamilton area?

    Well – it’s impossible to give you an accurate quote over the internet.

    If we did, we’d either quote you way too high or way too low. And either way, you’d end up very disappointed.

    But since we know that budget is important to you, and you’re probably wondering if All-On-4 or full mouth dental implants will fit in your budget, we will do our best to give you at least a ballpark idea to see if this type of life-changing solution will fit in your budget.

    In this article, we will help you understand what All-On-4 and full mouth dental implants cost in the Hamilton, ON area. We will cover the factors that impact the cost, as well as what long-term costs you can expect so that you have a full understanding of what kind of investment is involved in this breakthrough, life-changing solution.

    B. Why invest in your health and self-esteem?

    Here’s the truth: All-On-4 and full mouth dental implants will never be considered “cheap”. These are PREMIUM, top-of-the-line solutions designed for people who are experiencing debilitating dental problems and are seeking to turn their lives around with the very best that modern dentistry has to offer.

    These premium solutions cater to individuals who are SERIOUS about transforming their lives.

    If your dental concerns are minor or your dentures are only slightly annoying, All-On-4 and full mouth dental implants may not seem worth the investment. However, if you’re plagued by severe embarrassment about your smile in public, struggle to enjoy meals, or feel held back in social and professional settings due to your dental issues, then these solutions can make a world of difference. It literally can be life-changing.

    THE REAL MILLION DOLLAR QUESTION IS THIS: What’s the cost of NOT fixing your smile?

    If you’re researching All-On-4 extensively, it’s likely you’re grappling with a debilitating smile problem.

    Can you really continue on your current path?

    Consider the costs you pay when you DON’T get the dental care you know you need:

    • Living with constant pain or sores in your mouth
    • Suffering from self-consciousness, embarrassment, or low self-esteem due to your smile
    • Being unable to enjoy your favorite foods or share a meal with loved ones
    • Feeling held back at work, with friends, or with loved ones due to your dental situation

    All-On-4 is a premium solution for those with SERIOUS dental problems who are looking for SERIOUS help. Many individuals seeking All-On-4 treatment are in their 50’s, 60’s, and 70’s.

    The people who end up doing All-On-4 or full mouth dental implants have:
    – Spent their entire time looking after others, and now they’ve decided to put themselves first.
    – Decided that there’s nothing they’d rather spend their money on than investing in their own health, happiness, and self-esteem.
    – Realized that there’s nothing that can improve their quality of life more than fixing their smiles – not travel, jewelry, or cars.

    Speaking of cars… When considering All-On-4 and full mouth dental implants to replace a full set of teeth, you should budget as if you’re buying a car, because that’s about how much you’re going to spend. Just like shopping for a car, there are decent options in the $10,000 range, and if you want to go all out with the latest and greatest, you can easily spend tens of thousands of dollars. There is a wide range of prices and features and options depending on the type of car, or smile, you want for yourself.

    C. What most people miss when researching what All-On-4 costs

    What most people don’t understand about All-On-4 is that All-On-4 isn’t just ONE treatment, with ONE way of doing it, and ONE cost. All-On-4 is a term used to describe a method to replace a full set of teeth using 4 implants.

    But at our practice at least, we don’t believe in cookie-cutter solutions, so we don’t have just ONE way to do All-On-4.

    That’s why we’ve developed a variety of different types of All-On-4, in order to find the solution that’s the best balance between what you want, what you need, and what you can afford.

    Keep reading to discover some of the factors that will impact the cost of your All-On-4 and full mouth dental implant treatment in the Hamilton, ON area.

    Hoping To Fix Your Broken Smile
    With All-On-4?

    Get a customized action plan that’s the best balance between what you want, what you need, and what you can afford.


    2. Factors Impacting the Cost of All-On-4 Treatment

    Here are some factors that will impact the cost of your All-On-4 treatment in the Hamilton area:

    A. How many implants do you need for All-On-4?

    The traditional approach to full mouth implants involved placing 8 to 10 implants per arch, which worked well for those with sufficient bone. The problem is that most people don’t have enough bone for that many implants, so they need to go through costly and time-consuming bone grafting procedures before they’re ready first. However, the All-On-4 revolution is a completely new approach that uses just 4 implants to support an entire set of teeth. While some people have enough space and bone for a 5th or 6th implant, more implants isn’t always better.

    An experienced dentist will help you understand and plan for the correct number of implants in order to get you the smile you want.

    Of course, at most dentists, the more implants you use, the more your treatment will cost.

    In order to keep our pricing simplified, for our patients our pricing is for 4 implants, and if the doctor thinks it will be helpful, we include a 5th or 6th implant at no extra charge.

    B. How much bone grafting do you need for All-On-4?

    All-On-4 and full mouth dental implants is a life-changing solution. Imagine having a rock solid set of brand new teeth that never needs to be taken out and never moves!

    The fine print though is that all this is true… IF you have enough bone. And sometimes that’s a big IF.

    If you’ve been missing teeth for many years…

    If you suffer from gum disease…

    If it’s been a while since you’ve seen the dentist for regular cleanings…

    If you’ve worn a denture for many years…

    Then you are at higher risk to have shrinkage in your bone. And if your bone shrinks too much, or if it shrinks in the wrong spots, then you may NOT be a good candidate for All-On-4 or full mouth dental implants… at least not yet.

    If you don’t have enough bone in certain areas, we can use modern bone grafting techniques to literally grow more bone. Of course, depending on how much bone grafting you need, it usually means several trips to the specialist, which can often double the time and double the cost involved in your care.

    All-On-4 is a more modern approach designed to avoid major bone grafting, saving you the time, cost, and annoyance of having to go through all those bone grafting steps.
    In fact, at our Dental Implant Centre in Hamilton, ON, over 90% of the people we see can get a full set of teeth supported on dental implants WITHOUT the need for major bone grafting.

    C. How experienced is your All-On-4 Implant Dentist?

    When it comes to All-On-4 procedures, your dentist’s experience plays a crucial role not just in the outcome, but also the cost.

    Surprisingly, experienced dentists often charge LESS than their inexperienced counterparts. By fostering strong relationships with suppliers and labs, maintaining in-house labs, and minimizing complications, experienced dentists can bring their costs down without sacrificing quality, and many times pass those savings on to you.

    An inexperienced dentist needs more time, takes more steps, and has more complications to do high-quality All-On-4. So the inexperienced dentist needs to charge more for their All-On-4 up front in order to cover the additional visits and costs they are likely to have later on.

    D. What kind of dental implants will be used for your All-On-4?

    Experienced All-On-4 dentists only use the highest quality materials. This is not the time to be cutting corners with second-rate, discount brand dental implants and materials.

    But aside from the brand, there are also different TYPES of implants. They all serve different purposes, and have their unique pros and cons.

    There are implants with different sizes, shapes, and composition. Some work better in certain areas of your mouth. Some work better in certain types of bone. Some work better when there is lots of bone, and others where there is barely enough.

    A VERY experienced dentist has many tricks up their sleeve, and many tools in their toolbox, and will be adept at mixing and matching to find the perfect solution for YOUR unique situation.

    E. How long will it take to do your All-On-4?

    The older way of replacing a full set of teeth with dental implants meant you would be wearing a regular complete denture held in by denture glue while your implants healed. This healing period could be anywhere from 4 to 12 months, depending on how much grafting is required. Obviously this is not ideal, since avoiding annoying loose, poor fitting, rubbing dentures that gag, cover your palate, and move around when you eat and speak, is the whole point of doing dental implants in the first place!

    The newer method – All-On-4 – not only avoids the major bone grafting, but it is also a SAME DAY solution. That’s right – with an experienced dentist who knows how to properly plan your case, you can walk into the office in the morning with a broken down smile, and a few hours later walk out with a brand new set of teeth supported on dental implants that looks amazing, feels natural, and never has to be removed.

    And since there are fewer visits and surgeries involved with All-On-4, you also save cost.

    F. What material is better for your final All-On-4 teeth – zirconia or resin?

    In general, there are 2 main materials that are used for your final set of All-On-4 teeth.

    Zirconia is a porcelain-like material that is traditionally the strongest material available. It is very difficult to work with and to fabricate, which increases the time and cost of your All-On-4.

    Resin is the second type of material. It is not quite as durable or long-lasting, although modern resins are getting better and better all the time, and it will only be a matter of time until they’re even stronger than zirconia! These resin materials are a lot more friendly to work with, sometimes saving you cost in your All-On-4 pricing.

    3. Long-term Costs and Considerations

    A. How much does it cost to maintain your All-On-4?

    All-On-4 dental implants are designed to be a long-lasting solution for patients with missing teeth or poorly fitting dentures. However, as with any dental treatment, nothing lasts forever, and regular maintenance is key to ensuring the longevity of your new smile. Your All-On-4 needs to be professionally cleaned and maintained, just like natural teeth. While you can’t get cavities anymore, since you don’t have any more teeth, you CAN still get gum and bone infections around your implants. The best way to prevent this is to have your dental hygienist clean around your new teeth to get the areas that you just can’t reach at home, no matter how many times you brush, floss, or Waterpik.

    The cost for this kind of maintenance can be several hundred dollars for each visit.

    For our All-On-4 patients in Hamilton, ON, we include 12 months worth of cleanings and maintenance to get you started on the right foot.

    B. How much should you expect to pay to repair or fix your All-On-4?

    Nothing lasts forever. All-On-4 is a premium solution, and is the very best that modern dentistry can provide to replace a full set of teeth. But nothing is indestructible or lasts forever. Eventually it is very likely that something needs to be repaired. Sometimes your bone starts to shrink away, or your new teeth chip, stain or break.

    If your new teeth are made out of zirconia, this can be a very complicated and costly repair ($5,000 to $10,000). In addition to the cost of the repair, it can take weeks or even months to fabricate a new set of zirconia teeth, leaving you with a broken set of teeth (or even worse no teeth!) while it’s made.

    If your new teeth are made out of resin, the repairs are much faster and easier.

    At our All-On-4 implant centre in Hamilton, ON, we go an extra step by keeping a digital copy of your final teeth on file. Should anything happen to your teeth in the future, using the magic of 3D design and 3D printers, we can 3D print a brand new set of teeth that’s an exact replica of your old ones and have it ready for you within about an hour!

    C. Does dental insurance cover All-On-4?

    While it’s impossible for us to know exactly what your policy covers, in general the answer is no. You should not expect your dental insurance to cover All-On-4, or any other dental implant solution.

    Remember – your dental insurance company is NOT on YOUR side. They are in the business of collecting as much money in premiums as possible, and paying out as little money in benefits as possible.

    D. Do any dentists offer a warranty on their All-On-4?

    One thing that helps to offset those long term maintenance and repair costs, and more importantly buys you peace of mind, is a warranty. If you are investing tens of thousands of dollars in a new smile, it’s entirely appropriate for you to ask if your dentist offers any type of warranty on their work.

    At our Hamilton area dental implant centre, we offer a written 7-year warranty for ALL of our dental implant patients, including our All-On-4 patients, so you can feel confident that your new smile is built to last, and that we’ve got your back for the long haul.

    4. Conclusion

    In conclusion, All-On-4 dental implants provide a premium, life-changing solution for those suffering from severe dental problems. While it’s impossible to give you an exact quote of what All-On-4 costs, a good ballpark is to budget as if you’re going to buy a car.

    Remember – there isn’t just one way to do All-On-4. At our All-On-4 Dental Implant Centre in Hamilton, ON, we have a variety of workflows, materials, and methods, all at different price points. The key is to find an experienced dentist you trust who can walk you through the process and help you find the best balance between what you want, what you need, and what you can afford.

    The cost of All-On-4 treatment varies depending on a number of factors, such as the number of implants needed, the need for bone grafting, the experience of your dentist, the type and brand of implants used, the timing of the procedure, and the materials used for your new teeth.

    And don’t forget to also consider the long-term costs of maintenance and repairs!

    Investing in your health and self-esteem through All-On-4 dental implants can dramatically improve your quality of life, but it’s not for everyone. Hopefully this article gives you an idea of whether this kind of life-changing dental implant solution can fit in your budget.

    To help you make an informed decision, we invite you to download our free Dental Implant Price Guide, which provides detailed information about the options and pricing for All-On-4 and full mouth dental implants in Hamilton. This comprehensive guide will help you understand the various treatment options available and give you a better sense of the investment required to achieve the healthy, beautiful smile you deserve. Click the button below to download your free price guide and take the first step towards transforming your life with a confident, radiant smile.

    Hoping To Fix Your Broken Smile With All-On-4?

    Get a customized action plan that’s the best balance between what you want, what you need, and what you can afford.


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