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Yes! It can be confusing with all the different materials, number of implants, and types of implants. There are about a dozen ways to get a new set of teeth that look natural, are super strong for chewing, and last a long time. If you’re wondering which of these dozen solutions is right for you, or if you’re having doubts and you’d like a second opinion… we’re here to help!
If you have the choice, permanent implant dentures are usually better. Our patients who get permanent implant dentures tell us that it is truly life changing. They are the ones who hug us when they’re finished, and write us thank you notes, and bring us gifts. There’s just something special about getting a new set of teeth that feel, look, and act like your natural teeth. So if you can afford it, you’ll probably be happier with a permanent implant denture. Removable implant dentures are a good option for people who can’t afford permanent ones, but know they definitely don’t want regular dentures. They are not quite as stable and comfortable as permanent implant dentures, but they are MUCH better than regular dentures that just float on your gums.
No! We have colleagues who have given brand new sets of teeth to patients as old as 100. These days, 70 and 80 years old is YOUNG. And if you’re lucky enough to make it to 80, you probably aren’t working anymore. You probably want to spend your time travelling, socializing, meeting new friends, and spending time with your grandkids. And do you know what these kinds of activities all have in common? They are WAY more enjoyable if you’ve got a great smile and can eat whatever you want. One of our recent patients put it best when he said, “Doc, with my family history I never thought I would make it to 80. When you get to my age you realize that life is short. If I’m really lucky, I might get 10 or maybe 15 more trips around the sun. And I’m going to make each one of them count!”
We see patients all the time who think they don’t qualify for dental implants because they don’t have enough bone. These patients usually tell us that they were told by another dentist that their bone shrunk because their teeth have been missing for many years, and it’s too late to do implants. Well, that MAY have been true – at that time and with that level of imaging and technology. But these days, we have 3D X-rays that show your bone in more detail than we’ve ever seen before. And we have bone growing techniques that can correct almost any shrinkage you might have in your bone. If your teeth have been missing for several years, and if your bone has shrunk, then placing implants might be more difficult and take more time. But it’s EXTREMELY RARE that we have to turn away a patient who really wants implants because they don’t have enough bone.
“Teeth in a Day” means you will leave your appointment with a new set of teeth fixed to your implants that day. You will be able to smile and eat soft foods right away, gradually introducing firmer foods. About 90% of the work is completed on Day 1. Once the area heals for 4-6 months, the last 10% of the work is completed, which means making you a new set of permanent dentures that will be secured to your implants.
“All On 4” means securing all of your new teeth to 4 implants. This procedure is also known as “All On 6” or “All On X”, since it doesn’t always involve just 4 implants. 4 implants is the bare minimum. However, we believe in over-engineering your new teeth wherever possible, so we will often end up placing 5 or even 6 implants at no additional cost.
All On 4 Dental Implants are meant to be a permanent solution. With proper design, placement, care, and maintenance, you can expect your new teeth to last decades. Once your new teeth are delivered, we are committed to working with you to ensure you’re smiling today, tomorrow, and many years from now. And your All On 4 is covered by our 10 Year Dental Implant Guarantee
All On 4 Dental Implants work great, but they are NOT for everybody. If the case is not planned properly, you may suffer from poor esthetics, an uncomfortable bite, or food getting stuck around your teeth. More serious (and expensive!) downsides can include needing additional surgeries to correct improper placement of the implants, or total replacement of a cracked denture.
Yes! We help “dental chickens” every day. The patients who have or need dentures have gone through a lifetime of “dental trauma”. If these patients loved visiting the dentist and had great experiences… they wouldn’t be in this situation! That’s why we offer different types of sedation, depending on how anxious, nervous, or fearful you are. Dental sedation helps keep you calm and relaxed during your visit. You’re distracted and sleepy, so the time passes faster, you aren’t as aware of what’s happening, and you have less memory of it when we’re done. With dental sedation, you can be comfortable enough to complete in just one day what used to take multiple trips to multiple different dental offices. More serious (and expensive!) downsides can include needing additional surgeries to correct improper placement of the implants, or total replacement of a cracked denture.
A lot of people assume they can’t afford to fix their dentures without finding out the truth for themselves. Usually it’s because a friend or family member tells them that they paid $5,000 to replace just one tooth. So they count how many teeth they’re missing in their own mouths, multiply by that number, and decide they can’t afford it. But what most people don’t realize is: You don’t have to replace every single missing tooth in your mouth. We can help you decide which ones are important to replace, and which ones won’t make much difference to you. You don’t need one implant to replace each tooth. These days we can often replace a full set of teeth with just 2 or 4 implants. PLUS… Many of our patients take advantage of our flexible payment options to break their payments up into smaller, more manageable chunks.
Yes! We offer complimentary consultations and second opinions. Our promise to you: NO judgment and NO lectures.

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