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Bone Loss - Hamilton, ON

Preserving Your Smile Starts with Your Bone

Why Healthy Bone Matters

Your jawbone is literally the foundation of your smile. Your teeth are anchored in it and your gum tissue is wrapped tightly around it as a protective layer. Your smile esthetics and function depend heavily upon you having a strong, healthy jaw. So, what happens if you lose jawbone mass? You may have problems eating and speaking normally. Your face will take on a sunken, prematurely aged appearance. You may lose teeth. In fact, many patients who come to Smile Again Dental with severe bone loss wish to receive dental implants, but have been told they no longer qualify due to their bone loss. The good news is that there are multiple solutions for severe bone loss in Hamilton, ON – a condition best treated by a specialist with extensive training. Let’s take a look at why you lose bone and what you can do to regain it.

Let’s take a look at why you lose bone and what you can do to regain it.

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Severe Bone Loss Causes

Your tooth roots are firmly embedded in your jaws and help keep the bone healthy through the ongoing stimulation of chewing. Without those roots, the jaw loses its function and can begin to deteriorate in areas where teeth are no longer present. Tooth loss due to decay or oral trauma is a common reason for this. If you have dentures, while they give you back most of your dental function (your diet may be somewhat limited), they don’t replace the tooth roots you’ve lost. Dentures don’t provide protection for your jaws. Advanced gum disease, or periodontitis, is another common cause of bone loss that occurs when the bacteria eat away at the jawbone underneath the gums.
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By the time your braces are removed at Smile Again Dental you can expect a straight smile without crooked or crowded teeth, gaps between your teeth, or a misaligned bite—along with results that truly last!

Severe Bone Loss Solutions

Bone grafting treatments make jawbone loss reversible. With bone grafting, we take bone material samples from you or from a donor source and place them in areas of recession. These materials eventually bond with the existing bone to reestablish strong, full bone volume. With ridge augmentation and ridge preservation, we can use bone graft material to rebuild and reshape your jawbone, returning it to an earlier, healthier state. We can then help you regain your dental function and esthetics with dental implants in Hamilton, ON.

If your jawbone isn’t wide enough to support dental implants, ridge splitting, or dividing of the jawbone with surgical instruments, can be effective. After separating the jaw’s bony ridge, we can add bone graft material in the middle. Once this material fuses with the existing bone, you end up with a wider, deeper jaw ridge that can hold dental implants securely. Dental implants will not only protect your jawbone from future recession, they’ll vastly improve your confidence and your overall quality of life, enabling you to eat, speak, and smile comfortably again.

Regain your facial foundation!

Our experts at Smile Again Dental will show you how.

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Do you feel like no matter what you do, dentistry just doesn’t seem to work in your mouth?

Almost all of the people I meet have major dental problems, and have just about given up on dentistry… and dentists.

They’re tired of getting the same teeth fixed over and over and over again, and never making any progress.

They’re frustrated that no matter what they do, their teeth keep breaking and getting cavities.

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Well… I’m here to promise you that there is hope for you.

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• You CAN have a smile that’s free from discomfort and embarrassment.

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• You CAN avoid dentures, and give yourself teeth that are rock-solid, permanent, and never need to be removed

How am I so confident? Because today’s dentistry has come so far that we can find a solution to ANY problem. Sometimes it’s harder, or takes longer, or requires some creative problem solving… but I can promise you that if it’s important enough to you, we can make it happen.

Hi, I’m Dr. Sorana Schneider

My promise to you: NO judgment and NO lectures… EVER.

Are you feeling frustrated by all the information out there about fixing your teeth?

It’s easy to feel overwhelmed and confused when you start talking to dentists or looking into your options for getting your smile back on track.

There’s too much dental terminology. Too many complicated treatment plans. Too much pressure to go ahead with treatment you don’t want or care about.

Well… I believe getting the smile you want should be easy.

It should be easy to understand what’s going on in your mouth… without needing a dental degree or dictionary.

Easy to know which options are a good idea for you… and which ones you might regret later on.

And easy to get what YOU want… not what your dentist thinks you SHOULD want.

My promise to you: NO judgment and NO lectures.

What you will find is a customized action plan to get you eating and smiling with confidence again, and that plan is the one that’s the best balance between what you want, what you need, and what you can afford.

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