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Get a Brand New Smile in One Office, With One Doctor, and in Just ONE DAY.


We Help People With Broken, Missing, Or Embarrassing Teeth Avoid Dentures So They Can Eat And Smile With Confidence Again. NO Judgment & NO Lectures.

Are you tired of feeling embarrassed about your smile?

Wish you could eat the foods you love again without worrying about your teeth?

Maybe you’ve been led to believe that fixing your smile is too complicated or would take too long. While that might have been true in the past, it’s NOT how WE do things here. Because over the past 15+ years, we’ve developed our own Same Day Smile Solution that gets you a brand new smile in JUST… ONE… DAY.

Whether you’re dealing with teeth that keep getting cavities no matter how many times you brush and get them fixed… Or you’re suffering from gum disease that just won’t improve no matter how many trips you make to the dentist… Or you’re trying to avoid loose dentures that rub and slide when you try to eat and smile…

We’ve got you covered.

Imagine walking into our office in the morning with a broken down smile, and a few hours later walking out with a brand new set of teeth secured to Dental Implants that looks amazing, feels natural, is rock solid for chewing, and never needs to be removed.

All in ONE office, with ONE doctor, and in just ONE day.

So don’t let your smile hold you back from living your best life any longer. With our Same Day Smile Solution, you can have the confidence to smile and eat and feel like yourself again.



Dental Implants, Implant Dentures, and All-On-4 Full
Mouth Dental Implants in Hamilton, ON

Do any of the following sound familiar?

If so… you can finally RELAX.

Whether you need one tooth fixed, or you need a complete overhaul of your entire mouth, our Dental Implant patients no longer worry about:

With today’s Dental Implants, and in particular our unique All-On-4 Same Day Smile Solution for full mouth Dental Implants, you CAN have a smile that:

Does This Sound Like The Kind Of Help You’ve Been Looking For?


Meet Dr. Michael Ling and Dr. Sorana Schneider

NO Judgment & NO Lectures

The people that come to see us about Dental Implants fall into 2 categories.

First, we meet people who are tired of fixing the same teeth over and over again, frustrated by gum disease that never seems to improve, and are dreading the thought of one day needing dentures. They tell us that even the IDEA of wearing dentures makes them feel OLD, and they can only imagine how much harder it is to eat and smile with giant hockey puck dentures in their mouths.

The second type of people that comes to see us are the ones who are ALREADY wearing dentures. They know what it’s like to try to eat and smile with loose fitting dentures, and are tired of the sore spots and denture glue. They just want to be able to smile, eat, and TASTE their food like a normal human again.

Well… no matter which category YOU fall into… we’ve got your back.

Over the past 15+ years we’ve developed and fine tuned our unique All-On-4 Same Day Smile Solution that can help you “turn back the clock” on decades’ worth of dental problems in just a few hours.

Imagine being able to smile for photos and when you meet people for the first time, without worrying that people are staring.

Imagine going out to eat and ordering anything you want off the menu, without worrying about whether you’re going to be able to chew it properly.

Imagine the CONFIDENCE BOOST of feeling like YOURSELF again.

If this sounds like the kind of help you’ve been looking for… we can’t wait to meet you!

Dr. Michael Ling

Do you feel like no matter what you do, dentistry just doesn’t seem to work in your mouth?

Almost all of the people I meet have major dental problems, and have just about given up on dentistry… and

Dr. Sorana Schneider

My promise to you is simple : NO judgment and NO lectures… EVER.

Are you feeling frustrated by all the information out there about fixing your teeth?

Real Patients Real Results

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Tanya fought her cavities and broken teeth all her life, until she finally got the smile of her dreams.

Marilyn struggled with loose, poor fitting dentures, but now she can eat whatever she wants and never has to worry about her dentures slipping.

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Learn How Today's Dental Implants Can Help You Eat And Smile With Confidence Again

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Comparing the “Old Way” of Getting Full Mouth Dental Implants vs Our NEW All-On-4 Same Day Smile Solution

Comparing the “Old Way” of Getting Full Mouth Dental Implants vs Our NEW All-On-4 Same Day Smile Solution

What Do Dental Implants Really Cost?

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Here’s What’s Inside:

Are You Ready To Smile Again?

What Do Dental Implants Cost?

What should you expect to pay for Dental Implants, whether you are replacing 1 tooth or need a brand new full set of teeth? To learn more about pricing, click below.

Scared Of The Dentist?

If you’ve been avoiding the dentist, you can finally relax and get the care you need with Sedation Dentistry. Experience for yourself how easy and comfortable it can be to “turn back the clock” on your smile so you can finally smile again.

Real Patients, Real Results

Imagine the confidence that comes with a healthy, beautiful smile. See for yourself how real people just like you from the Hamilton region have taken back their smiles, their health, and their lives.

Frequently Asked Questions

What most people don't realize is that there isn't just one way to do All-On-4. Every doctor will do it differently, with different steps, timing, and features.

Over the past several years we've developed our own unique way of doing All-On-4 full mouth implants. Here's what makes our "All-On-4 Same Day Smile Solution" unique:

1. No Grafting
We use advanced techniques to make the best use of the bone you already have, rather than trying to grow back the bone you've already lost.

2. No Loose Dentures
You get screwed-in teeth on the very first day. So you never have to worry about your new teeth rubbing, moving, or falling out.

3. No Surprises
Take your new smile for a "Smile Test Drive" before deciding, so you can make changes and be confident you'll love how your final smile will look and feel.

Yes! The old way was to do bone grafting first... then place 8 implants... and then add the teeth on top. The whole process might take 12-18 months, and you'd be wearing a regular denture for many months during healing.

But with our Same Day Smile (All-On-4) solution, you can condense everything into JUST ONE DAY. You walk into our office with your current teeth or dentures, and a few hours later walk out with brand new teeth supported on dental implants that look amazing, feel natural, are rock solid for chewing, and never need to be removed.


NO grafting, NO loose dentures, and NO surprises

Yes! All of our dental implant patients are covered with a 7 year warranty, so you can feel confident that your new smile is built to last.

What most people don’t know about dental implants and All-On-4 is that it’s not just one solution. There are lots of ways to do it, depending on your current situation and which features are most important to you. So it’s impossible to give you an accurate quote without knowing more about you and exactly what you’re looking for.

That’s why we created our free Dental Implant Price Guide. It’s a free download that goes into much more detail and has all the info you need, including a comparison of different options and costs. You can download your free copy by requesting one CLICKING HERE

The short answer? You can have a brand new set of teeth within 24 hours of you giving us the green light.


How can we do it so fast?
It used to take weeks, if not months, to do all the planning, order the supplies, and get all the lab work ready for your new smile.

But at our practice, we use a combination of in-house labs, digital design, and 3D scanning and printing to cut down on extra steps that used to slow everything down.


With this workflow, you can meet us for the very first time on a Monday, and walk out of our office with a brand new smile by Tuesday afternoon!

If you were told by another dentist that you don’t have enough bone, and dental implants or All-On-4 won’t work for you… that MIGHT have been true, at that time and with that dentist’s level of experience. But using today’s technology we can fix almost ANYTHING. The trend these days is to find creative ways to use the bone you already have, so you can avoid bone grafting completely and the discomfort, time, and cost that comes with it.

Based on how we do dental implants and All-On-4 at our practice, over 95% of people can get a full set of teeth supported by dental implants, without requiring any bone grafting.

The ONLY way to find out if our “No Grafting, No Loose Dentures, No Surprises” solution will work for you is to request a complimentary consultation by

You’re not alone! All of the people we meet hate the dentist. Let’s face it - if they LOVED coming to the dentist, they wouldn’t have major tooth problems and wouldn’t need our help!

We have a variety of medication and sedation options that can help even the biggest chickens finally relax at the dentist. So now you can “turn back the clock” on years’ worth of dental problems in just one visit.

And we promise: NO Judgment and NO Lectures.

You will get more than 1 set of teeth. Your first set of teeth act as a Smile Test Drive. After you’ve worn the test drive for a few weeks or months, you can tell us what you like and don’t like about them. We can tweak them, or even 3D print as many brand new designs as necessary to make sure you love the way they look and feel. Only once you’ve approved all the changes do we make your final teeth. No guessing, no shortcuts, and no surprises.

Our Location

No Judgment, and No Lectures

Our Dental Implant Centre is located in Dundas, ON, right next to the McDonald’s on Cootes Dr.

What Should Dental Implants Cost?

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We Help People With Broken, Missing, Or Embarrassing Teeth Avoid Dentures So They Can Eat & Smile With Confidence Again.

No Judgment, and No Lectures

If this sounds like the kind of help you've been looking for, fill out this form to ask a question or request your no-risk, complimentary consultation for Dental Implants and All-On-4 Same Day Smile.